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(Pictures taken by me)

We had the pleasure of a little getaway recently to beautiful Tasmania to stay in our friends new luxury holiday accommodation Quamby Home which is a stunning farm situated about half an hour from Launceston. Words can not explain how rejuvenating this short break was. Not only was Quamby Home a vision from a designer home magazine that we wanted to spend every minute in but we also got out into the great outdoors and saw the sights, breathed the fresh air and just spent time being. It was a real treat for our family and a holiday we will remember for ever! Here are a few of the highlights from our trip…

Stay, eat, play…

Stay – Quamby Home, Hagley Tasmania

Eat – Still Water Restaurant (Breakfast, lunch or dinner), The Mill Providore (Gourmet goodies) & Josef Chromy Winery (Lunch or dinner)

Play – Cataract Gorge, Christmas Hill Rasberry Farm, City Park

If you are thinking about planning a trip to Tassie and have any questions about any of the above please let me know.