(SHOP: Bed, desk & jute rug – Ikea, Bedding – Adairs, Bunny Print – Down the Little Lane, Replica Ghost Chair – Milan Direct, Gold Leather Crown – Hubble & Duke, Coloured pom poms in glass jar & Rock Your Baby Tutu – Charbella Bubs, Big bunny – Mail Leg, Little Bunny, sequin bloomers & hat – Seed, Gold Dot Decals – Bright Star Kids) 


(SHOP: Bed & stripe rug – Ikea, Bedding – Sheridan, Peace Cushion & Fallen Broken Street Hat on wall – Charbella Bubs, Nautical mirror – Eclectic Cronulla, Vintage Oars – La Maison, Vintage car – Kids Stuff, Arrow Wall Decals – Bright Star Kids)) 

We recently moved into a beautiful little house.

Living in a 2 bedroom apartment previously the kids shared a room. Being a girl (Sierra aged 3) and boy (Hudson aged 2) a shared room was a challenge for the budding interior decorator within me as it had to be gender neutral.

Moving meant a chance to re decorate and give the kids their own space that matches their little personalities – which was super fun! Sierra loves everything that is pink and sparkles. She is a real girly girl loving barbies, playing babies and dressing up. Hudson is very cheeky with a big personality. He constantly makes us laugh and is into everything.

Their rooms are still a bit of a work in progress but let’s face it – it’s a woman thing to change her decor around frequently.



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