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Every year for the past few years NHJC travels to Hong Kong for one of the worlds top diamond and jewellery fairs where he sources unique diamonds and gemstones for our clients and draws inspiration from amazing jewellery designers from all over the world. In the past, (whilst i have been off having our babies) NHJC has taken my dad and then my beautiful mother in law but this year was my turn and we had a ball! As it was the first time since having our babies that we have been away (just the two of us) and as it’s my birthday month after long days at the fairs we treated ourselves to dining experiences at Lung King HeenCaprice (two of Hong Kong’s top michelin star rated restaurants) and stayed at NHJC’s favourite hotel in Hong Kong the Four Seasons.

It was a short but jam packed couple of days and whilst we had a beautiful time we couldn’t wait to get back to our little ones.