The older i’m getting the more grateful i am for the special people in my life and the more i’m seeing any occasion (big or small) as a time to get everyone together and celebrate. Because lets face it – life is short and everyday is a blessing.

Forever and always the biggest days on the calendar have been christmas and new year. This year christmas and new year is all about ‘Celebration’ for us – celebrating life and the people we love.

This is also the theme for our NHJC Christmas as i can’t think of a better way to celebrate the people you love than with a gift that they will remember forever and that will most likely be kept and handed down through generations.

Here is a little edit from our fine jewellery collection of pieces that i love, am lusting after and are set to put a BIG smile on your special someones face this Christmas!






If you have any questions about our designs or if you need help choosing a piece for yourself or a gift please feel free to email me at asha@nicholashaywood.com.au.


P.s) Our design studio is open until Christmas Eve – if you want to stop by and see the collection you can book a personal viewing by emailing customercare@nicholashaywod.com.au or calling (02) 8033 3917