HAPPY 2016!!


Happy New Year! 

I have always loved the feeling of when a new year comes around – all the new possibilities and adventures that lie ahead are super exciting to me. 

However the start to my year this year caught me a tad by surprise as my usual feelings of excitement were replaced with feelings of anxiety and outrageous thoughts of goodness knows what! 

Having had anxiety in the past i knew it was my body/minds way of telling me something had to change – I just wasn’t sure what! So i turned to my Aunty/Spiritual Healer Julianne from Butterfly Therapies (among other amazing family that i have around me) for little help. And it turns out that probably like any other mother (who is also a wife,sister, daughter & friend) i have been flying through life the past year with almost no time spent on my personal wellbeing. 

So this year, among many other things that i love to do i am adding daily mindfulness and weekly yoga to the mix. If we don’t give love to ourselves how are we supposed to have enough love to give others?

Looking forward to an amazing 2016!