For a day that’s all about celebrating lovers, Valentine’s Day always seems to divide people.
For me, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to stop and celebrate my special someone and the love we share. Life gets very chaotic with a business and two active little children, and sometimes the daily routine trumps the romance! As much as we love our lives, there’s not a lot of time for us.
NHJC has forever and always bought me beautiful long stem roses on Valentine’s Day. He is a real romantic and always buys the best presents – I thought I was good at this but he puts me to shame! He also loves to surprise me with an extravagant gift now and then, always when I don’t expect it. He picks a different occasion to surprise me every year, and it can be my birthday, our anniversary or Valentine’s Day…or on a random day, just because.
He does this not because he thinks I want a gift,  but because he really enjoys doing it. I love that about him!
I was asked the other day what my soul needs to feel happy. I know this sounds like a funny question, but the first thing that came to my mind was love. Everyone needs love, so whether you have a special someone this Valentine’s Day or not, have a cheers to LOVE! Love you have, love that you want, or love that you remember.
Because all we need is LOVE.


P.s) If you feel inspired to celebrate your LOVE in a big way this year. Take a look at our Valentines Day edit of fine jewels HERE.