File_000 2File_000 (4)12 great friends, many good men, 9 babies and counting…

I feel so fortunate that 14 years on from high school i can still call my 12 closest school friends my besties.

We’ve all had quite different life experiences over this time, but we have shared it all and are remain the closest of friends.

To celebrate our friendship for our 30th birthdays we gave each other a bespoke designed Nicholas Haywood (would it be anyone else hehe) bracelet. We designed the bracelet with the infinity sign to symbolise our friendship featuring 12 white diamonds to represent each friend.

Now almost 2 years on we wear our bracelets everyday. And since adding a few little female members to the group, there’s another generation of girlfriends with miniature version of the bracelets, just like their Mummies.

Fine jewellery is the most beautiful way to mark any occasion. You will be telling the story of the pieces for years and years to come.