Who said that there’s more beautiful things on the market for girls than boys?

I was told this a lot when i was having my son. In a way it was kind of true, but boys clothes, toys and accessories are really catching up.

M favourite children’s book author is Vicki Wood, and she’s got the girls and the boys covered with her series of beautifully written and illustrated children’s books.

The Viking Boy is the first book in the series about a boy, a white whale and their deep love and connection to each other.

I love to read this book to my little boy, who is a bit like a Viking himself with his gorgeous blonde hair and fearless attitude! He loves to be read to, and It’s such a beautiful story that takes you on a big adventure with the help of the stunning illustrations by Brigitte May.

The book also has a special message for us all…

“The story is intended to help us all to reconnect to our ocean planet and the importance it plays in our lives and the lives of our future generations to come”- Vicki Wood.

To top it off, it looks so good you will want to have it on display in your little man’s room – but expect it to be requested at every bedtime!

Love & light!