I put it on and all I could see was my Nanna’s hand…

I don’t know if it is since I’ve had my kids or just something to do with getting older, but I feel so much these days!

I am frequently surprised (sometimes shocked) by how much a movie will make me cry, let alone the thought of beautiful people in my life who have passed away.

This week my mum and dad gave me my Nanna Daisy’s ring. Nanna wasn’t a ‘showy’ person, nor did she have a lot of money but she did invest in key pieces of beautiful Jewellery.

Nanna passed away many years ago when I was a teenager, but when I put on the ring I just saw her. I vividly recalled the way she used to sit with her hands in her lap, always so ladylike.

It brings me to tears as write this, as I feel like my memories of Nan are fading a little. But when I look at her ring on my hand it’s like she is right here with me, even after all these years.

Good quality fine Jewellery really does stand the test of time.

Love & light!