Sand, surf and fresh air…

One of my most favourite things to do when i get a little bit of spare time (in between working and being a domestic goddess) is to collect shells with my little loves to make shell jewellery.

The collection process starts with an adventure to every nook and cranny at the beach, in hot pursuit of the best shells ever! Then we are off home to get creative with our shells.  Sadly, the kids are usually over this part in 5 minutes and i’m left pretending i’m a jewellery designer well after they have gone to play with something else. For me i find there is no better way to bring myself into the now than tapping into my inner child.

I realised the other day that i have been a bit quiet on the blog front, which is sad as i love blogging each it week. However, i’m working behind the scenes on a new website for Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Concierge. It’s set to launch in a few weeks and i’m super excited about it!

Until next time…


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