IMG_1021FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRenderMy little Sierra is never far from my side.

As I worked today, she was trying on jewellery pretending to be a princess. She was thinking so intently about which pieces she wanted to try on and carefully examining all the pretty sparkles.

As I watched her try on the beautiful pieces of finery, it got me thinking about how uniquely precious fine jewellery really is.

I remember when I was a little girl – a bit older than Sierra – I would try on my Nan’s jewellery. I would play for hours pretending to get married, pretending I was going to a grand ball and just admiring how precious and pretty they were. Many years later, one of her precious pieces is mine. It was left to me when she passed away and I wear it and appreciate it daily.

It made me think that you never really own your fine jewellery, you just take care of it for future generations. A child, a grandchild, a special friend, a loved one. Some one who will love it as much as you long after you are gone.

One day Sierra will have my jewellery passed down to her. But until that day, seeing my little girl playing innocently with her Daddy’s handiwork just warms my heart.

Love & light!


Sierra wears Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Lattice Diamond Cuff, Diamond Row Ringย & ID Baby Bracelet.ย