Recently we celebrated the birthday of one of the best people I know.

My sister Brooke – or as we affectionally call her, Key. Each year we take turns organising a lunch or dinner for each other somewhere special with the family. Lucky for us, it was at a must-visit location in Sydney’s Potts Point.

I feel like Key has an unfair advantage at choosing the best restaurants, as she works for Gourmet Traveller magazine as a designer. She’s always out and about trying out the latest and greatest restaurants (lucky her!). My experience is a bit closer to home; as a mummy of two, the only restaurant I know is the cafe down the road (I don’t get out much, he he).

However, this year I really wanted to pull out all stops and take her somewhere she hadn’t been before. With the help of my (much cooler than me) girlfriends we came up with The Butler, in Sydney’s Potts Point.

And it didn’t disappoint! From the  minute we walked in the atmosphere was great: very relaxed, friendly and welcoming, which is a great start when two little munchkins start to go rogue after an hour! The interior of the restaurant is stunning, with views over the city. Not to mention the food was delish and I’m hooked on their signature ‘Thank You Please’ cocktail.

A birthday wouldn’t be the same without a piece of Nicholas Haywood jewellery to mark the occasion. It was such a treat to see the excitement on Key’s face when she received one of our latest Diamond Curved Bar Necklace’s in White Gold (also available in rose gold here). Beautiful jewellery, great food, and lunch with the fam bam – what more could she ask for?

Luckily for me its my birthday next and I can’t wait! Better start dropping some hints for that husband of mine…!

Lots of love,