Just when I thought I’d had enough of the cold, we were off to the snow.

This winter NHJC surprised us with a family holiday to Perisher. I confess I had second thoughts, being the sun and heat loving person that I am, but as usual he knew best, and it turned out to be just what we needed – an active, fun, family holiday!

NHJC was inspired to plan the trip after meeting the lovely Haley and Adrian, when he helped them design and choose their engagement and wedding rings. Haley and Adrian run the Eiger Chalet at Perisher and invited us to come down for a few days.

So we did, and we were so impressed! The accommodation is right on the snow and has recently had a refresh, which made it a lovely and comfortable place to retreat to after a big day of playing in the snow. Plus Eiger Chalet is home to one of Perisher Valley’s best restaurants, The White Spider. It was the perfect place to have a few bevies and an early delicious dinner at the end of the day, and we looked straight out onto the snow so it was an incredible view as well.

Not to mention, Haley, Adrian and the team at Eiger are the loveliest people and made us feel right at home.

We are already planning our trip back next year – cant wait!


P.s) I know it seems that the weather is warming up but according to avid snow bunnies this time is their favourite time of year at Perisher for sunny days & plenty of snow.

(Featured jewellery from top: Rose Gold Signature Band, White Gold Marquise Diamond Split Ring, Signature Diamond Tennis Bracelet 14.22ct & Snowflake Diamond Ring)



Recently we celebrated the birthday of one of the best people I know.

My sister Brooke – or as we affectionally call her, Key. Each year we take turns organising a lunch or dinner for each other somewhere special with the family. Lucky for us, it was at a must-visit location in Sydney’s Potts Point.

I feel like Key has an unfair advantage at choosing the best restaurants, as she works for Gourmet Traveller magazine as a designer. She’s always out and about trying out the latest and greatest restaurants (lucky her!). My experience is a bit closer to home; as a mummy of two, the only restaurant I know is the cafe down the road (I don’t get out much, he he).

However, this year I really wanted to pull out all stops and take her somewhere she hadn’t been before. With the help of my (much cooler than me) girlfriends we came up with The Butler, in Sydney’s Potts Point.

And it didn’t disappoint! From the  minute we walked in the atmosphere was great: very relaxed, friendly and welcoming, which is a great start when two little munchkins start to go rogue after an hour! The interior of the restaurant is stunning, with views over the city. Not to mention the food was delish and I’m hooked on their signature ‘Thank You Please’ cocktail.

A birthday wouldn’t be the same without a piece of Nicholas Haywood jewellery to mark the occasion. It was such a treat to see the excitement on Key’s face when she received one of our latest Diamond Curved Bar Necklace’s in White Gold (also available in rose gold here). Beautiful jewellery, great food, and lunch with the fam bam – what more could she ask for?

Luckily for me its my birthday next and I can’t wait! Better start dropping some hints for that husband of mine…!

Lots of love,









IMG_1021FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRenderMy little Sierra is never far from my side.

As I worked today, she was trying on jewellery pretending to be a princess. She was thinking so intently about which pieces she wanted to try on and carefully examining all the pretty sparkles.

As I watched her try on the beautiful pieces of finery, it got me thinking about how uniquely precious fine jewellery really is.

I remember when I was a little girl – a bit older than Sierra – I would try on my Nan’s jewellery. I would play for hours pretending to get married, pretending I was going to a grand ball and just admiring how precious and pretty they were. Many years later, one of her precious pieces is mine. It was left to me when she passed away and I wear it and appreciate it daily.

It made me think that you never really own your fine jewellery, you just take care of it for future generations. A child, a grandchild, a special friend, a loved one. Some one who will love it as much as you long after you are gone.

One day Sierra will have my jewellery passed down to her. But until that day, seeing my little girl playing innocently with her Daddy’s handiwork just warms my heart.

Love & light!


Sierra wears Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Lattice Diamond Cuff, Diamond Row Ring & ID Baby Bracelet. 



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This week our little super hero tuned 3!

I have been trying hard of late not to say that time is going fast but my goodness it is! One minute we are welcoming our little bundle of joy into the world and the next he is turning 3!

Our little Hudson is so cheeky but equally caring, thoughtful and kind. He is a laugh a minute, constantly thinking of the next silly thing he can do to make us giggle.

So when he asked to have ‘a BIG party for his birthday with all his friends’ we couldn’t say no. To be honest the thought of organising a party with lots of little ones plus their parents gives me instant anxiety but when my sister mentioned a McDonalds party i was super excited!

Who doesn’t love a McDonald’s party? It brings back so many childhood memories plus there is no organising or cleaning up – yay!

Although we decided to keep it to just our close family friends and a few little ones from playgroup it was just what he was after – a birthday with all his friends celebrating the beautiful little boy he is growing to be.



File_000 (2)

Beautiful mummy and friend of NHJC Sarah Jane Young from lifestyle blog SHE IS, SARAH JANE wearing NHJC Signature Collection diamond tennis bracelet.





File_000 (1)




Sparkle through the cold this winter…

Our NHJC June sale is approaching its final days! If you have had your eye on something, now is the time to get great savings on exquisite fine Jewellery.

Amongst the large selection of stunning pieces there are a few stand outs for me based on design, value and sparkle! I edited down all the amazing pieces to a few that I love and am lusting after!

You can view and shop my edit HERE. Sale end Thursday 30th June.

Happy shopping!





Sand, surf and fresh air…

One of my most favourite things to do when i get a little bit of spare time (in between working and being a domestic goddess) is to collect shells with my little loves to make shell jewellery.

The collection process starts with an adventure to every nook and cranny at the beach, in hot pursuit of the best shells ever! Then we are off home to get creative with our shells.  Sadly, the kids are usually over this part in 5 minutes and i’m left pretending i’m a jewellery designer well after they have gone to play with something else. For me i find there is no better way to bring myself into the now than tapping into my inner child.

I realised the other day that i have been a bit quiet on the blog front, which is sad as i love blogging each it week. However, i’m working behind the scenes on a new website for Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Concierge. It’s set to launch in a few weeks and i’m super excited about it!

Until next time…


P.s) We are approaching the final days of our Nicholas Haywood Jewellery MID YEAR SALE. Check it out HERE for amazing savings on a range of stunning fine jewellery.


 I put it on and all I could see was my Nanna’s hand…

I don’t know if it is since I’ve had my kids or just something to do with getting older, but I feel so much these days!

I am frequently surprised (sometimes shocked) by how much a movie will make me cry, let alone the thought of beautiful people in my life who have passed away.

This week my mum and dad gave me my Nanna Daisy’s ring. Nanna wasn’t a ‘showy’ person, nor did she have a lot of money but she did invest in key pieces of beautiful Jewellery.

Nanna passed away many years ago when I was a teenager, but when I put on the ring I just saw her. I vividly recalled the way she used to sit with her hands in her lap, always so ladylike.

It brings me to tears as write this, as I feel like my memories of Nan are fading a little. But when I look at her ring on my hand it’s like she is right here with me, even after all these years.

Good quality fine Jewellery really does stand the test of time.

Love & light!







Who said that there’s more beautiful things on the market for girls than boys?

I was told this a lot when i was having my son. In a way it was kind of true, but boys clothes, toys and accessories are really catching up.

M favourite children’s book author is Vicki Wood, and she’s got the girls and the boys covered with her series of beautifully written and illustrated children’s books.

The Viking Boy is the first book in the series about a boy, a white whale and their deep love and connection to each other.

I love to read this book to my little boy, who is a bit like a Viking himself with his gorgeous blonde hair and fearless attitude! He loves to be read to, and It’s such a beautiful story that takes you on a big adventure with the help of the stunning illustrations by Brigitte May.

The book also has a special message for us all…

“The story is intended to help us all to reconnect to our ocean planet and the importance it plays in our lives and the lives of our future generations to come”- Vicki Wood.

To top it off, it looks so good you will want to have it on display in your little man’s room – but expect it to be requested at every bedtime!

Love & light!



File_000 (9)

I love finding new ways to wear my staple jewels.

My latest is stacking my wedding and eternity band on my right hand.

Plus I’m stoked that the bandana is making a comeback as i love wearing my diamond tennis bracelet with a bandana wrapped around my wrist!


P.S) This season’s bandana trend looks fab layered with your precious jewels. Check out one of my fave blogs SWIISH’s latest post HERE for a little inspiration.




File_000 (7)File_000 (6)IMG_5575IMG_5576

There is something magical about Sydney’s CBD.

I only started to appreciate it once I left my job working in advertising for a publishing company in the heart of the city. I had to commute and park, not to mention rush from meeting to meeting, hustling for cabs and running around like a crazy woman. And all of this in very high heels!

There was never enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone take the time to appreciate the beauty of the amazing city we live in.

My true appreciation has grown over the past few years during my visits to the Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Concierge (NHJC) design studio for meetings with the team, and to help out.

The energy in the city is electric and I always leave buzzing (and a tad exhausted!) from all the people, amazing shops and restaurants. I can never go home with out grabbing some Miss Chu rice paper rolls on the run, and indulging in a spot of window shopping at Chanel, Hermes & LV (whilst I mentally add luxury goods to my wish list).

Above are some images of a couple of pieces from our new ready to wear collection, with beautiful Hyde Park as the backdrop.

If you are in the Sydney CBD and have half an hour to spare, pop into the NHJC design studio and take a closer look.

We hope to see you soon!







IMG_5791File_000 (5)A beautiful candle is one of  life’s little luxuries.

A lovely friend of ours recently gave us a set of Maison D’amore candles and i’m hooked – the packaging is stunning making them the perfect gift plus most importantly they smell amazing!

I find candle light so soothing. My ultimate recipe for relaxation when the little ones go to bed is a beautiful candle, a glass of red wine and a movie with my love (when i can tear him away from the footy).

Maison D’Amore is an Australian designed Parisian made luxury fragrance house producing the finest perfumed candles for him and her.

Love & light!